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Saturday, 4 October 2014

5 Types of Food That makes Face Looks Older

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Careful! Sometimes delicious food is not merely beneficial to our health. Some foods can even make your face look older than our age.

Here are some foods that can make your face look older:

1. Fast food has salt content and high in saturated fat, such as burgers and fries. Fast food alone can actually make your face older faster.

2. Spicy food is not ideal if your intention is to want to slow down aging. Spicy foods can dilate blood vessels in the skin that can make you look older.

3. Fatty Meat, Red meat contains high free radical. Bia free radicals known to cause many diseases because of negative effects. Red meat is one of those foods that should be avoided to prevent premature aging, especially on the face.

4. The food alcoholic, alcoholic beverages can cause your face to look older. Yes, alcohol can make blood coagulate and accelerate aging.

5. Caffeinated beverages. Caffeine-based drinks have 'potential' to dispose of fluids from the body, one of which is fade skin moisture, which can make the face look older.

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