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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Exercise for Your Mood of Sex

Exercise to improve sexual

Aside from the food, exercise can also improve mood sex relationships. However, only the specific exercises that can improve your sexual mood.

Special exercises that develop and strengthen the muscles of the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach secrete several hormones able to raise the mood of sex spouses.

Although exercise is actually a movement in weight management, it is also able to improve the hormones like endorphine, adrenaline, oxytocin and testosterone in women.

Particular the notion that exercise is actually one of them will be exhausting due to increased hormone had given them the energy to do intimate relationship.

Among the exercises are intended;

  • squats,
  • lunges,
  • kettlebell swing,
  • bridge pose,
  • sumo squats and
  • kagel

These exercises will help increase the secretion of all the hormones that are mostly derived during sex.

Endorphine exercises, will reduce the pain instead of giving a sense of pleasure, adrenaline also helps improve one’s performance but also give confidence.

For the exercise of oxytocin or known ‘cuddle hormone’ emotional role between couples and raise testosterone is also available in the ovary will encourage active and sexually active women.

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