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Sunday, 30 March 2014

20 Smartphone Apps That Can Make You Money

Make money with apps smartphone
Make money with apps smartphone

Several years ago, many people are interested to making money with blogging, affiliate marketing, ebook, ebay, adsense and dropship. Today, the evolution of making money through the internet began to grow even further. You may love your smartphone, but your monthly bill has to be a drag.

RelayRides blogger Eric Rosenberg is addicted to his phone and loves finding interesting ways to make more money.

As our phones and devices become more important in our daily lives, some cunning developers have built smart phone apps for us to make a few extra bucks from the iPhones and Androids sitting in our pockets.

Watch the video below as Money Talks News finance expert Stacy Johnson explains how to make your smartphone work for you.

Here are a few of his favorite mobile apps for making cash.









App Trailers

Checkout 51

Receipt Hog



Field Agent

Easy Shift




ESPN Streak for the Cash

Cash King

What other smartphone apps that can earn our money?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty Secrets of French Women

Beauty Secrets of French Women

When it comes to beauty France women are known the world over for looking gorgeous all day, every day. We've all wondered, what makes french women so mysterious, elusive and absolutely beautiful.

Beauty Secrets of French Women

Basically, to get beautiful skin, youthful face, shining like the french woman enough to take care of her diet, regular exercise, and choosing the right skin care routine. On my last visit to France, I had found the secret of beauty french women, which have been handed down through the centuries.

Here's are some tips we've uncovered to reveal that french secret:

Consumption grapes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants is one of the secret beauty of their skin. In addition to regular consumption, the fruit can also be used as a face mask. Simply cut or crushed and then apply on the whole face. They prefer to use dark colored wine because it contains more antioxidants. In addition to grapes, tomatoes are rich in lycopene is also the secret of their beauty.

Borage Seed Oil
Oil obtained from Borage seed extract helps nourish the hair and is found in many skin care products such as BRTC . This material is contained in many skin care products to help soothe sensitive skin.

Natural Looking Makeup
french women prefer to highlight the natural look by not using heavy makeup. Other makeup tips are combining black and brown mascara. Use black mascara on the top lashes and brown on the bottom lashes.

Healthy Lifestyle
Habits, dining, and activities is also a key to having healthy skin. Try to exercise regularly, at least not by walking at least 20 minutes every day. When performing outdoor sports remember to always protect your skin from sun exposure with sunscreen like Jasmine 3D Waterful Sun Spray . If you prefer to exercise indoors, you can try aerobics or bodyworkout. Consumption of food sources of vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 is another secret to having a beautiful and healthy face.

Drinking water
French women know that hydration is the key to good skin and good hair. I strongly recommend drinking a glass of water before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Water is the French women's secret weapon—for skin and beauty, for health (flushing toxins) and for weight control (don't snack when you think you are hungry, your body is really thirsty).

Cold water
French women appreciate that good circulation makes one glow. French women are not afraid of using cold water in the shower to get one's circulation going. The opening then closing of the pores with hot then cold water, the shock to the nervous system and wake-up call to the brain of a cold shower, and the rigorous towel wiping after a cold finish to a shower bring blood and color to one's skin.

French Pedicure
Secrets Other French women are gorgeous nail care. Did you ever know a "French Pedicure"? Yup, this term was a reputation that is attached to a French woman. Nail care has a more complex procedure but make your skin softer and looks gorgeous.
And voila! That's the beauty secrets that French women never hurts to apply.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Good Nutrition for Physical and Mental Health

 Nutrition for Physical and Mental Health

Researchers from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan do an analysis on more than 1,000 men and women were asked to fill out a special questionnaire to assess mental and physical fitness.

The questionnaire included also given about how easy they are to use public transportation, paying bills, and visiting friends - their friends for advice.

In addition, they were also asked about what they eat each day and their daily routines - day.

The researchers ultimately concluded that the participants who ate more animal protein from fish have a lower risk of mental and physical failure for 7 years by 39%.

The statement disclosed after researchers looked at data questionnaire the participants related to fitness and health.

In addition, the researchers also explains the role of proteins that are key to building muscle to protect an injury or fracture to old age.

But unfortunately, the body has difficulty absorbing nutrients and process these proteins with age.

Thus the animal protein intake of nutrients needed more to maintain mental and physical health in old age.
It is very important for men, because men are known to be more susceptible to muscle loss in old age.

The researchers also noted that the content of nutrients in fish such as omega-3 fatty acids may be very good for the health of the body which can reduce muscle inflammation in the joints.

In addition, the researchers said in a journal published by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society that the physical and mental decline had a big effect on the hospital, so it is important to find ways to keep parents healthy for longer.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Impact and Symptoms of Vaginal Infections

Vaginal Infections

Every newly married bride and groom will want to quickly get a descent. But often many women who feel fear can not be pregnant or have a child is difficult, especially for long-married couples. Negative thoughts about the various diseases that can affect the uterus begins to overshadow the women, one of which is an infection of the vagina. Vaginal infections split of the two, namely nonspecific and specific vaginal infections. The cause was different. nonspecific vaginal infection caused by bacteria and germs. While specific vaginal infections caused by viruses, parasites due to sexual intercourse and also germs, such as cocci are bacteria that are oval or round. When you suffer from vaginal infections should never be taken lightly because many effects that you will experience. Here are the effects that you will experience when you are suffering from vaginal infection:

1. If you are exposed to vaginal infections before pregnancy. Usually you will have trouble getting pregnant.
2. If you are exposed to during pregnancy, then you will usually have a miscarriage that occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy.
3. But if you are exposed to infection during pregnancy and not miscarry, the infection will affect fetal growth, such as the brain does not develop, shell skull is not formed, gastrointestinal tract infections, and others.
4. Also experienced a premature birth can happen to you.

Well, before you experience things that you should be able to know what the symptoms or signs of infection arising from the vagina. As below:

1. Yellow-green discharge
2. Itching around the vagina
3. There are spots like prickly heat in the vaginal area
4. Initial symptoms usually you will experience vaginal discharge. But when you experience vaginal discharge that does not mean you have an infection of the vagina.

When you experience these signs you should immediately consult a doctor to get further treatment

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