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Monday, 23 June 2014

10 Easy Ways To Burn Calories

activities  for Burn Calories

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1. Dancing- This can be a fun and enjoyable activity. Even moderate dancing can twirl away 100 calories. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion or a partner to enjoy dancing.

2. Painting- Ready for a change? This is an inexpensive way to a fresh new look. Break open the can and 20 minutes later you can say goodbye to 100 calories.

3. Vacuuming- You will feel refreshed when you see your neat clean floors and in just  25 minutes you can zap 100 calories.

4. Mowing the lawn- with a self propelled lawn mower in 25 minutes you will bag  100 calories and your property will look great.

5. Car Waxing- Do it yourself and save money while burning away calories. Waxing your car’s  finish to a high gloss wipes 100 calories away in just 20 minutes.

6. Ironing clothes- Another necessary task since it needs to be done enjoy smoothing away  100 calories in 25 minutes.

7. Swimming- Glide through the water in casual recreation and rinse way 100 calories in 15 minutes.

8. Golfi ng- You do not have to be a professional golfer to hit the green and swing away 100 calories in 20 minutes.

9. Weight Training- 15 minutes of challenging weight training burns 100 calories immediately.  In addition your metabolism stays at a higher rate for a while afterwards while you receive an additional bonus of continued calorie burn.

10. Gardening- Put on your green thumb for 100 calories burned after just 15 minutes of digging and raking. The benefi ts of beautifying your yard are well work the effort.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

"Tomato pill" has benefits for cardiovascular

Tomato pill
Tomato pill

A daily supplement taken from a substance found in tomatoes may improve blood vessel function in patients with cardiovascular disease. It reveals that a study conducted at the University of Cambridge, UK, and published in the journal PLOS One

Other studies have linked the lycopene present in tomato substance with reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, new research has evaluated their effect on the function of blood vessels located in the forearm, which give evidence that the patient will develop vascular problems or not.

Thirty-six patients with cardiovascular disease and 36 healthy volunteers participated in the study. The volunteers received a supplement seven milligrams of lycopene or placebo treatment.

Patients with cardiovascular disease took statin drugs to lower cholesterol function. However, they still showed impaired endothelium - the inner lining of blood vessels - as compared to healthy volunteers. Having a healthy endothelium is an important factor in preventing the development of heart disease.

The researchers found that oral supplementation with seven milligrams of lycopene improved endothelial function in patients with cardiovascular disease, but has no effect in healthy volunteers.

Lycopene improved by 53% enlargement of blood vessels compared to patients treated with placebo. The result was considered by scholars as positive, since the constriction of blood vessels is a major factor that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The study found that supplementation had no effect on blood pressure, arterial stiffness and lipid levels.

"We clearly showed that lycopene improves blood vessel function in patients with cardiovascular disease," said Joseph Cheriyan, University professor and an author of the study.

"This reinforces the need for a healthy diet in people with risk of heart disease and stroke. A 'tomato pill' is not a substitute for other treatments, but can provide additional benefits. Nevertheless, more studies would be needed to verify that she is able to reduce heart disease, "adds Cheriyan.
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