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Friday, 20 April 2018

Pregnancy Music For Brain Development

Read on to learn more about the benefits of listening to feel-good, relaxing music during pregnancy.

Music can help you get over the misery of pregnancy, have a light birth, and a responsive baby.

Melotherapy (music therapy) is a branch of psychotherapy that has been used since Antiquity to soothe the senses and treat many diseases. Beginning with the 19th century, melotherapy is used to treat mental and emotional disorders, anxiety, depression, asthma, eating disorders, and discomfort during pregnancy.

Melotherapy can take two forms: an active way - the practice of a musical instrument and a passive way - listening to music.

Researchers have found that music can physically balance the body through bioresonance induced by the vibrations of sounds, especially the sounds of instrumental and classical music.

Does music make babies more responsive?

Certain specialists believe that exposure to music helps children of all ages develop their mathematical thinking, perspicacity and responsiveness to sounds. Studies that reveal this are mainly based on the effects of music on children aged 1-10 years, but the effects can also be extended to babies. The premise is that if the music has this effect on the little ones, then it could have the same effect on the baby.

Many mothers think that newborns can recognize the music they listened to in their belly. When they hear a known song, they can relax or revive. Their statement is confirmed by a recent French study by Descartes University on 50 pregnant women in late pregnancy.

For three weeks they listened to a piano song once a day. One month after the babies came to the world, they sang the same song, observing that the heart beat quickly quenched and the muscles sank. This is clear evidence that babies recognize the ringing of musical notes heard during intrauterine life.

Another effect of music on babies is the Mozart Effect, discovered by French physicist Alfred Tomatis. He demonstrated that Mozart's works, listened to during intrauterine life, increase the concentration and memory of the baby, encourage their creativity and receptivity and raise with at least ten units the IQ level.

Pregnancy Music For Mother And Unborn Baby. Pregnancy music is relaxing & peaceful music for pregnant women and babies. Hope this Pregnancy Music help you relax. May God bless you with a happy healthy pregnancy.

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