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Sunday, 30 November 2014

10 Template Excel To Set Your Budget

Managing finances is actually not a difficult thing. The key is whether or not you are diligent record revenue and expenses periodically. What does it do? From your record is, later we will know whether we are financially healthy or even greater stake than us. When you have set the dough like that, you certainly can decide which parts need to be in power or must find a new job.

With today's technology, finances become younger. Perhaps many people are using smartphones to manage their finances. However smartphone might not be sufficient complexity of your personal financial statements.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most help to manage finances. With Excel templates to your liking in order to manage finances will not be boring. Or you can replace when they are bored. The following Excel template that you can select to help manage your finances.


When you rent a house, have children and mortgage payments, may be very difficult to balance the budget. Are you looking for free money management software?  In order to manage finances, you can consult with a financial expert, if he did not open Excel. Excel can be used to regulate financial or even when you need money. Excel also allows you to create an annual budget for revenues and expenditures.


If you do not have a family and want to try to arrange finance for personal use monthly Excel. This Excel template allows you to set a monthly budget and then compare it with production tools in a statement. Excel also has a daily production column, entertainment and unplanned. Very easy to use. Excel is only one page and can print on a paper.


Being away from my parents and have to start managing finances, if not before time or money transfer agreement of the parents arrived, you've run out first. It's about learning to be more independent from the eat (probably cook their own), washing, there -sini cost, shortage of funds for the purchase of books, cake and more. You must arrange their own finances, avoid debt and credit cards. How to do it? With the help of Excel budget for this course students. Excel templates to manage finances allows you to set the budget for education expenses for months, semester and year in order to keep your account secure.


When the holiday is we can not think too much about money here and there. But if not arranging finance your vacation can turn out to be fun again. Imagine, plan to and fro stalled because the purse was discharged in a single place. It is also possible to take into account, with this much money to do the best possible holiday.


Managing money is an important life skill that can be taught to children at a young age. Do you give your kids an allowance? Are they always misplacing their money? Are you helping them learn how to save? Do they understand how a bank works? All of these things can be done and taught quite simply using the "family bank" concept and a simple money management worksheet.

All Excel templates to manage finances is derived from Vertex42. On the website you will not only find an Excel template to manage finance course, you also can find timesheet, Calendar, resume, invoice and much more. To be consistent with what you want just change the names that exist in the Excel.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

13 Ways To Lighten Dark Lips

1. Use Lemon to Lighten Dark Lips
Lemon is a natural skin lightening agent due to its bleaching properties. It is also rich in antioxidants and certain beneficial acids like citric acid and alpha-hydroxy acids. The later is also used in commercial skin care products. The juice from a fresh lemon contains enough acidic contents that can peel off the top layer of your skin safely. When you get a new skin, it will definitely be lighter, softer, smooth and pink! Not only this, lemon juice has mild exfoliating effects too. All these qualities of lemon makes it our first choice for naturally lightening the dark lips.

How to Use Lemon for Dark Lips?

There are many ways for doing so.
Simply squeeze out the juice of a lemon and apply this on your lips every night before going to sleep. Don’t lose patience and continue the regime for a month or so, even longer for stubborn darker lips.
Get a thin slice of a lemon and some sugar. Sprinkle the sugar on the lemon slice and rub your lips with this. This will exfoliate as well as bleach your lips. Do this everyday for few weeks to get results.
Mix half tsp each of lemon juice, glycerin and honey and apply this to your dark lips daily at night.
Mix lemon juice with almond oil and rub on your lips. While lemon will bleach and exfoliate, almond oil will moisturize your lips from within.
Mix 4 tbsp of lemon juice with 2 tbsp of honey. Massage your lips with this mixture daily for at least five minutes.

2. Almond and Almond Oil for Dark Lips
Almond is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is an excellent source of Vitamin E, B Vitamins, antioxidants and many other minerals. Almond oil too has many properties that go to make your skin light including lips. It has fatty acids, vitamins E, B2, B6, PP, minerals and phytosterols. All these components give almond oil the capability to even out skin complexion, prevent wrinkles and remove not only dark spots but also blemishes, rashes, scars and freckles. Vitamin E in almond oil also helps in protecting against ultraviolet damage. All this makes almond and almond oil an excellent natural remedy for dark lips. Also if you cannot apply lemon juice on your lips due to its acidic nature which may irritate or itch your skin, almond becomes your first choice for lightening your dark lips.

How to Use Almond for Dark Lips?

You may use ground almond (almond powder) or almond oil or both to lighten your dark lips. Here are some ways to do so.
Mix powdered almond and milk to make a paste. Apply this to your lips daily.
Instead of milk, you can use milk cream for extra moisturization. Whip almond powder and fresh cream together. Apply this on your darkened lips daily to get rosy pink lips.
Take 1 tbsp honey and mix 5-6 drops of almond with it. Apply this to your dark lips.
Mix equal amounts of Castor oil and almond oil and massage your lips with this.
Mix almond oil with coconut oil and apply this to your lips daily at night before going to bed.
If nothing else, just apply simple almond oil to your lips and leave overnight.

 3. Rose Herbal Remedies for Dark Lips
Rose is the epitome of beauty! And rose as well as ingredients derived from rose like rose water and rose oil can give you beautiful lips with natural pink glow. It is for its excellent properties that rose has come to be used in innumerable beauty cosmetics and herbal medicines. Rosewater is an anti-inflammatory and can also soothe irritated skin. It also reduces the damage from sun exposure. It is also claimed that roses are high on antioxidants and thus can strengthen skin cells while regenerating skin tissue. Rose essential oil has extraordinary emollient properties and it can moisturize dry skin excellently. Dry lips, remind you, over time convert into dark black lips. Rose oil also help regenerate skin. It is astringent and anti-inflammatory and helps tone your skin excellently. All these properties of rose makes it a good choice to try this for your dark lips.

How to Use Rose for Dark Lips?

You may use rose petals, rosewater or rose oil for lightening your dark lips. Here is how you may do so.
Take 1-2 tbsp of rose petals. Blend it with 1 tsp or more butter. Apply this to your lips, daily.
Crush some rose petals to get its paste, use water if needed. Take 1 tbsp of this rose petals paste and mix it with 1 tsp each of butter, milk cream and honey. Apply on your dark lips and rub gently to scrub. Repeat this twice a week to exfoliate your lips.
Take ½ to 1 tsp of honey and mix a couple of rosewater drops with it. Apply this mixture on your dark lips 3-4 times a day.
Soak rose petals in milk for 1 hour. Now grind to make a paste. Add ½ tsp of honey and a pinch of saffron to this. Apply this paste on your lips and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off. Repeat this twice a day.
Crush rose petals and mix glycerin and Castor oil with it. Massage your dark lips with this mixture daily.
Mix rosewater with mint juice and apply this to your lips daily.
To use rose oil on your lips, you need to make a lip balm which is also our next natural remedy for dark lips.

4. Homemade Rose Lip Balm for Dark Lips
Chemical laden lip balms too are one of the causes for your dark lips. So, why not go natural and make your own lip balm at home! This recipe for making lip balm uses all natural skin friendly ingredients. These ingredients not only keep your lips moisturized but also get you rid of its darkness when you use it regularly.

How to Make Rose Lip Balm at Home?

Get this:
Beeswax- 1.25 ounce (2 – ½ tbsp)
Coconut oil- 4 tbsp
Almond oil- 2 tbsp
Rose essential oil- 12-15 drops
Rosewater- 1 tbsp
A dropper
Chapstick molds or tubes/ small jar to store
Do this:
Cut the beeswax in slices. You can even scrape it or grate it.
Heat the beeswax in a double boiler until it melts. Use some tin or any other bowl that you do not wish to use later as beeswax will ruin the bowl.
Once the beeswax gets melt, add all the other ingredients to it- coconut and almond oils, rose oil and rosewater.
Using the dropper, pour the liquid balm into your chapstick mold or some jar.
Once the thing is set, it will actually look like some commercial creamy lip balm.
Apply this homemade lip balm to not only lighten your dark lips but also to keep them moisturized.

5. Strawberries for Dark Lips
If you smoke a lot, you may be having smoker’s lips which is not only dark but also has wrinkles in upper lips. For you, strawberries (and also other berries like raspberries) make a good home remedy. Loaded with minerals and antioxidants, strawberries can be called a superfood. One of its anti-oxidant, ellagic acid, prevents collagen destruction and thus prevents wrinkle formation. It also protects from damage done by UV sunrays, yet another cause of dark skin. Strawberry juice has skin lightening effects too as ellagic acid again reduces dark spots on skin

How to Use Strawberries for Dark Lips?

Take 5-6 strawberries and crush them. Add 2 tsp of baking soda to this crushed strawberries pulp and mix well. Apply this on your lips at night and leave overnight. Repeat daily.
With the help of cotton ball, apply strawberry juice on your dark lips. Leave for 5-10 minutes before washing off.

6. Sugar Scrub for Dark Lips
Sugar has been widely accepted as an excellent scrub which can even gently exfoliate lips. This is essential to drop off all those dead skin which may contribute in making your lips darker. Adding butter or some oil will moisturize your skin at the same time. Here’s how you can use sugar scrub to get rid of dark lips.

How to Make Sugar Scrub for Dark Lips?

Get this:
Sugar- 3 tsp
Butter/ Olive oil- 2 tsp
Do this:
Mix sugar and butter or olive oil.
Take some in your hand and with the help of your finger, gently scrub your lips with this. Don’t worry if some of this goes into your mouth. After all it’ll be a delicious treat too!
Repeat this 2-3 times a week initially and once your lips gain their original color, do it once a week.

7. Fuller’s Earth for Dark Lips
Fuller’s earth is one of the beauty secrets of ancient women from many countries. It not only whitens your skin but also gives it an unparalleled glow. Some of the credit goes to the absorbent quality of this clay type ingredient called fuller’s earth. This absorbent quality cleanse the skin and open pores. When the fuller’s earth is washed away, it also takes away dirt and toxic elements with it. For this reason, fuller’s earth also becomes a good home remedy for dark lips.

How to Use Fuller’s Earth for Dark Lips?

Take fuller’s earth which looks like dry powder. Add some honey to it to make a paste. Apply this to your dark lips. Leave for about 5-10 minutes and then wash off. Repeat 2 times a week.
Use rosewater with fuller’s earth to make a pack for your dark lips. Apply this to your lips and allow it to dry off. Then wash it off.

8. Coriander-Cumin Remedy for Dark Lips
This is an Ayurvedic Remedy. Coriander seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants, fatty acids, essential volatile oils, minerals and vitamins. Cumin seeds too have similar profile with antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids. Sometimes, deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins too can cause dark and dry, sometime swollen lips. If you see black stains and swelling on your cracked lips and feel burning sensation, you should try this remedy.
Get this:
Coriander seeds- 100 g
Cumin seeds- 100 g
Candy sugar- 100 g
Airtight container
Do this:
Dry roast coriander seeds and cumin seeds separately.
Grind them to get their powder.
Grind the candy sugar if it is in the form of crystals. You need to have its powder.
Now mix all the three powders.
Store it in an airtight container.
Mix 1 tsp of this powder with I cup of water and have twice daily.

9. Turmeric-Nutmeg Remedy for Dark Lips
This is yet another Ayurvedic remedy for dark lips that are swollen and cracked. If you have sores on lips, this remedy using turmeric and nutmeg will cure that too. Nutmeg is an exclusive spice that is used for its many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory spice herb. This remedy also uses cow’s ghee or the clarified butter obtained from cow’s milk. This ghee is highly regarded in India for its nutritional and medicinal benefits. It is said that cow’s ghee contains the essence of all plant herbs and is a great natural healing agent.
Get this:
Nutmeg- 50 g
Dried turmeric root- 50 g
Cow’s ghee- enough to make paste
Milk- 1 liter
Pot to heat the milk
A clean cloth big enough to tie around the pots mouth
Do this:
You need to make nutmeg powder in a different manner and not just by grinding it.
For this, place the milk in a pot and tie its mouth with the cloth.
Make pieces of nutmeg and place them on the cloth tied over the pot.
Now bring the milk to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes. The vapor coming out of the milk will be absorbed by the nutmeg pieces.
Now let the pieces of nutmeg dry off.
Once they get dried, make powder from these nutmeg pieces.
Grind the turmeric roots to get its powder.
Mix both, nutmeg powder and turmeric powder, and store in a bottle.
Now take ½ a tsp of this powder and mix it with sufficient cow’s ghee to make a smooth paste.
Apply this paste to your lips. It is specially beneficial for black stains on cracked and inflamed lips. With regular use your lips will become pink and will glow naturally.
If you want to spare yourself from making the paste everytime by adding ghee to it, make a lip balm using the same ingredients. Recipe is given in the next remedy.

10. Homemade Ayurvedic Lip Balm for Dark Lips
This remedy for dark lips also uses nutmeg and turmeric with cow’s ghee but with a base of bees wax so that you can store it and use it every night.
Get this:
Nutmeg powder- 10 g
Turmeric- 10 g
Cow’s ghee- 10 g
Bees wax- 20 g
Airtight storage container
Do this:
Heat the bees wax using double boiler till it melts.
Add ghee to this and keep on heating them for 5-10 minutes.
Remove from the flame and add nutmeg and turmeric powder.
Mix well and store in an airtight container.
Apply this balm to your lips every night before going to bed.

11. Mustard Oil for Dark Lips
Mustard oil is a rich source of omegAlpha3 and omegAlpha6 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. It is, thus, one of the best oils that can be called beneficial for human health and skin too. However, it is a very strong oil and thus before using it on your skin, conduct a patch test to see if you are allergic to it or not. If not, you are lucky enough because you’ll find this remedy to be the simplest of all remedies for dark lips.

How to Use Mustard Oil for Dark Cracked Lips?

Before you go to bed, take 1-2 drops of mustard oil and rub it into your belly button. That’s it. This is an age-old way of using this oil for cracked chapped and dark lips. Now don’t ask how is it going to help lips. You got all your nutrition from this belly button only since your conception in mother’s womb!
You can even mix mustard oil with coconut oil and rub on your lips for a couple of minutes. Then wipe it off with a wet cotton ball. This will lead to better blood circulation as well as lightening your lip skin.

12. Pomegranate for Dark Lips
Pomegranate, the delicious fruit, is high on flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Did you know, a glass of pomegranate juice contains much more antioxidants than red wine, green tea, blueberries, and cranberries! Such a rich nutrient laden fruit can be helpful in eliminating dark lips too. The small molecular structure of this fruit is capable of penetrating deep into the skin and keep skin hydrated. Dryness is one of the causes of dark skin, if you can recall. The punicic acid, an omega 3 fatty acid in pomegranate seals the moisture into the skin.

How to Use Pomegranate to Lighten dark Lips?

Take 1 tbsp of pomegranate seeds and crush them. Add some rosewater and milk cream to this to make a paste. Apply this on your lips. Wait for a couple of minutes and then gently rub the lips with it. This will have a scrubbing effect taking off all the dead skin with it. Now wash off with water. Repeat this daily.
Take equal amounts of of pomegranate juice, beetroot juice and carrot juice. Mix them. With the help of a cotton ball, apply this mixed juice daily on your darkened lips.

13. Beet Juice for Lightening Dark Lips
Beet, the red vegetable, is high on antioxidants. It is also a rich source of folate which stimulates the production and repair of body cells, a property that can be used to get new pink skin for your dark lips. Beet prevents macular degeneration with its vitamin A and carotenoids and also improves blood circulation.

How to Use Beet Juice for Dark Lips?

Take some fresh beetroot juice and apply on your dark lips before going to bed every night. Wash it off next morning.
Take 1 tbsp each of beet juice and carrot juice. Mix them and apply on your lips. Leave for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off with water.
Mix beet juice with pineapple juice and some coconut oil. Rub your lips with this mixture. The bromelain present in pineapple will take off dead skin when you rub your lips with this mixture on it. Coconut oil will keep your lips hydrated.

Apply one or more of these home remedies for dark lips to find out which remedy suits you the most! The day is not far away when you’ll be proud of your rosy pink lips!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Personal Finance apps For Smartphone

Upon reviewing personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad, it's time to take a look at budgeting apps for the Android phone and tablets.

As an Android user, I struggled to find an app that did all I wanted it to do but didn’t cost money. It took some installing and uninstalling but I found a few worth mentioning. All of these apps can be found in the Google Playstore.

Money Manager by Realbyte Inc

Money Manager is an optimized application for personal account management. Household account management is complicated. But we make it simple by simplifying the things that are complex. The default settings will get you started, and once you get used to it, you can alter the settings according to your needs with the highly flexible and customizable functions available. - Super easy and simple to enter data anytime, anywhere.

 View your spending tendencies graphically.  The pie chart of expenses is really handy to see in full colour where your money is going and the ability to transfer money from accounts to cash is useful to keep track of how much you should have in your bank account and how much in hand.

View statistics by simply entering the data. - Search and calculator functions. - Set up sub-categories and main categories as necessary. - Manage all your accounts at once. - Use multiple currencies. - Check weekly, monthly, and annual statistics. - Use calendar view. - Use budget planning features to plan weekly, monthly, and annual budgets. - Change the start date of the month.

Applying double entry bookkeeping It facilitates efficient account management. Automally double entry bookkeeping. PC manager function You can view The New Money Manager application using Wi-Fi or 3G.
You can edit and sort the data by date, category or account group on the screen of your PC. In addition, you can see fluctuations of your accounts indicated on graphs on your PC. Budget management function You can manage your budget. It shows your budget and expenditures on a graph so you can compare the amount of your expenditures against your budget quickly. Credit Card / Debit Card management function when entering a future payment date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding balance on the accounts page.

You can connect your debit card to your accounts so that expenses are automatically recorded under a specific account. Passcode You can speficy a desired time lapse before the app requests a passcode. Automatic money transfer and frequency functions You can set up automatic money transfers between your accounts and configure the frequency of those transfers. Sort expenses by recipient You can sort your expenses by recipient and view this information graphically.

 Payment Profiles You can easily enter frequent expenditures by creating payment profiles. Backup / Restore You can backup and restore your data via email, iTunes and iCloud. Multiple currency support you can have individual entries in multiple currencies, and configure each account to calculate the total balance in your desired currency.

The only downside to the free version of Money Manager is that the budget setting is almost useless as it does not warn you when your expenditure is nearing the budget limit.

Easy Money by Handy apps Inc

Easy Money is also a great app to use. Much like Money Manager, you can track your balance in hand, account and on credit card. As a bonus, you can also set reminders to go off to let you know when a payment is due. Keep track of all payments made and income received. The app is no frills. It doesn’t have the pie-chart graphic that tracks your spending like Money Manager but having it will definitely help in keeping bill payment up to date.

Easy Money for Android will allow you to install and use for free up to 30 days after which; you will have to pay for it. The disappointing thing is that nowhere in the description do they tell you it is only a trial. It is a leading app though so if you don’t mind paying USD10 this is a good app to have.

Expense Manager by Marcus Hintersteiner

If you want to simply track your expenses with NO other feature, try this app. The app allows you to keep tabs on what you’ve spent daily and records it in a nice bar chart format. It’s simple enough and visual look at amounts can give you a clear idea of where your money is going.

Expense Manager’s key selling point is the very simplicity of it. If you’d like more features, though, you will have to pay USD$3.33 to unlock the full version. The full version will give you statistics, income management and a look at fund distribution.

This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally you can assign a category to your expense in order to get detailed statistics and helpful insights.
- Simple Design
- Ad-Free
- Record expenses
- Assign categories
- Manage monthly overheads
- Manage categories
- Set a monthly limit
- Homescreen widget for even faster usage
- DashClock Integration
- Expense History
- Spreadsheet Export
- Group your expenses by week, month or year
- Backup/Restore Feature
- Record incomes (In-App purchase)
- Detailed Stats (In-App purchase)
- Expense Distribution (In-App purchase)

IOU by S Tubin

IOU specialises in tracking debt – no other financial information such as income and budgeting. You simply add money you owe to other people; money they owe to you and how much you or they have repaid.
IOU’s a useful app to track loan debt but nothing much else. It’s simple and pretty much no frills. Don’t expect massive calculations of repayment tenures or interest but it will remember numbers you don’t. It’s available for Android, iPhone and Windows Operating system phones.

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