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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sites to make free money online.

Generally speaking, there is a lot of methods to make money from home, some of them include - earning with online data hosting sites, paid search engines, cash for sharing data files, ect. So, now i want to share with you about websites that can generate income for free

Sites to make money online.
Earn with your blog, write legitimate reviews, survey or opinions of advertisers products and services. You can also earn money by referring other bloggers to the site.
Get paid for blogging. You can get paid to write about web sites, products, services, and companies.
Earn more with your blog. They work with a lot of big companies that are willing to pay bloggers to write quality posts to use for their online advertising campaigns.
A great site that guarantees money for posting to your blog! They match you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog. Then all you have to do is post and get paid.
PayPerPost is unique in a sense that it lets bloggers pick advertisers they want to work with. Pick your advertiser and start negotiating a price. They have advertisers in so many different fields. So, you can get paid to blog about almost any subject.
You can make money in two ways: 1-Place ads on your blog. 2- Write reviews for their advertisers.
This one is little different. You don’t write the content, but the advertisers or sponsors (as they are called on Sponzai) do. Sponsors write a guest post about whatever they want, you publish it on your blog and get paid.
You can earn money by writing honest reviews about their advertiser’s products and services. Simple as that!
Another paid to review site. You get paid to write reviews about different products and services. The good thing is you choose what products and services you want to write about. You can get paid $20 to up to $200 per review published on your blog.
You can make money in two ways. You can get paid to publish pay-per-click advertising on your blog to generate, you can also earn money writing about different products and services. You can earn any where from $6 to up to $100 for each published post.
Make money writing reviews about their advertiser’s products and services.
BBR allows you to write reviews about other websites and get paid for it. You get paid per post, which means the more you post, the more you money you make.
Another site where you don’t have to write the post yourself. Their advertisers write the content and you just have to publish on your blog and get paid for it. However, you can also earn money by writing posts yourself.
A fast growing paid to blog site with lots of different advertisers. You are paid for each review you write and publish on your blog.
Most people think of LinkWorth as an advertising network like ad sense, which is true. However, they also have a program where bloggers can make money writing reviews about their advertisers.
Another fast growing network with lots of advertisers that pays you to write reviews about their products and services.
A bit hard to get your blog approved. But, once your blog is approved you can earn money blogging about their advertisers. They pay weekly through PayPal which is a plus.
With Shvoong you don’t really have to create original content. You write reviews or summaries about previously published stuff. You can write about books, websites and blogs, articles, newspapers, movies and anything that is out there already. Each post must be less than 900 words. You can also earn extra money by referring other writers to Shvoong.
451 Press is basically a network of blogs. they have blogs on about almost any subject you can imagine. You can write about any subject you wish and the will publish it in the appropriate blog and you get paid. is very hard to get into, but if do, you can make real good money. Plus, its a great way to build your portfolio since its a reputable site. They also cover any topics you can imagine.
You can create a blog which will be shown on their site (like a separate page). They place ad sense ad on these pages and share the revues earned from it with you. The good thing is, you just have to write, they do all the promotions and driving traffic to it. The more you write the more money you earn.
They have a lot of advertisers which you can write about their product, service, website, blog, event and anything they like to promote. Once approved, publish the post on your blog and get paid for it. You get paid per post or task as they call it. Pays via PayPal.
This is a fun way to make money with your writings. they pay you $3 for posting original and helpful tips on their site. You can give tips about anything. A normal tip is only a few sentences. So if you are knowledgeable about a subject, it only takes you a few minutes to write a quick tip about it.
Founded in 2004 by Torsten Jacobi, CW has grown to be a big blog network with have over 135 blogs in 5 different languages. You can earn cash writing about any topic you like.
Get paid to post blogs, embed videos, upload images, discuss and debate about the news and more. Basically you earn money to report news as a Digital Journalist!
One of my favorite sites for making money as a writer. It is one of the fastest growing paid to write sites. You can write about whatever topic you like. There is a real potential for making a living writing on helium. The more you write and the better you write, the more money you can make.
WB is a personal finance blog which means you can only write about post related to personal finance. It could be anything from Savvy shopping tips, Frugal living suggestions, Financial advice, Career and money-making ideas. They earn money trough ads displayed along side the posts. The best thing is that they allow bloggers to keep 100% of the advertising revenue earned on their blog posts.
Squidoo is perhaps the most famous paid to write site. You create whats called a “lens”, which is basically a decorated blog post with lots of cool features and options. You have a few options to monetize your lenses like placing Google ad sense or amazon ads. You can earn money writing about any topic you like. the good thing is its much easier to drive traffic to your Squidoo lens than other sites since Google really loves Squidoo.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Make money with Android apps

Are you one of the Android users?

Following the rapid growth shown by the underlying platform on an Android device, it has dominated the open market with the number of users has reached billions of users worldwide. But, are you aware that as a user of Android device you can actually bring 'good luck'?

Gartner report mentioned in the last quarter of 2011, 50.9% of the market share of sales of devices around the world are using the Android operating system. In reality, this indicates that the operating system (OS) Android started gaining ground in addition to the sale of connected devices (tablets and smartphones) are increasingly popular users at a reasonable price.

Mobile apps have been the rage of late, and this is because of a variety of reasons. Mobile apps have transformed the way people interact with their mobile devices; from looking for restaurant reservations to finding directions, mobile devices have proven indispensable. The two main players in this market are Android OS and iOS; the former is free open source software developed by Google, while the latter is proprietary, and is developed by Apple Inc. But truth be told, Android has greatly transformed the mobile industry since it has close to 70% market share. Also, mobile apps have proven to a lucrative sector, and many companies have jumped into this foray

So hurry, take advantage of the opportunity of this positive development with impressive publishing ideas. Not all Android users are aware that they actually have a secret device to increase revenue. Here's an idea to make money in the development of Internet publishing Android apps to drain money into your pocket. There is nothing wrong, and even profitable if you publish an application that can generate additional income without conscious. Android application developers to develop applications for Android, it's pretty easy compared other operating system statistics to develop a broader market. Application developers can also get all the documentation about major platform features that can be explored by visiting the Android developer site. Any framework for building applications, tools for developing, testing, and how to publish applications software for the Android platform is also provided to facilitate the developers. Therefore, providing millions of Android market applications in Android Market, which is the main platform application downloading users. But how is to make money?

Make money with Android apps
Your first step is to submit an application to sell your apps through Android Market website specifically Anyone from among application developers can do but must meet certain conditions set by the Google itself. Android-based application platform which is actually not as difficult to develop because it can also use Java. What is important, you need to make the research and analysis of the records of interest also popular download and which version of the Android platform most widely used consumer to ensure your application meets these characteristics.


Sell ​​ads in apps
Popular alternative for application developers is also selling advertising in it once as through Smaato or AdMob. Every time someone clicks on one of the ads, you get paid. Some of the developers have proven accept returns from the sale of advertising in this way against the payment application itself. This can reduce the returns of messing your cost through the Android market where you can apply for and receive a refund within 24 hours after purchase.


When looking for a strategy to monetize your app, you have to make certain that you choose the most effective strategy. There are two main ways of making money from apps: you can either sell them at a fixed price, or offer a free version but with paid advertisements. There are pros and cons to each strategy that you will choose, and this can be confusing at times. When you set a price for your app, you will be passing a message that the app is of high quality, and that is why you have priced it. However, you have to realize that this strategy is most effective when your app focuses on a specific group of people; this may be the case for an app that offers stock prices reviews, for example. The second strategy involves giving out the app for free, but placing paid advertisements. This is a strategy that works very well with apps that are targeted at the mass market. The idea behind this strategy is to get many people as possible to use your app, then you can sell them advertisements. This is the most effective strategy for apps that are most likely to be used by many people.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Foods for refresh your breath

Who does not want to have fresh breath? In addition to mean that there are no problems in the mouth and digestive, fresh breath also boost confidence. One fun way to get a breath of fresh is smart to choose the food you eat.

Food can affect breath odor. Leftovers are stung in the mouth will contribute to produce bad smell.

Well, check out these foods that can help freshen your breath.

For tea-rific breath, try a cup of tea. Studies suggest that drinking unsweetened black or green tea may help ward off bad breath. Both types of tea contain antioxidants called polyphenols that can help destroy the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath-although green tea contains more because it is processed in a different way. A study conducted at Pace University, for example, found that green tea extracts were effective at fighting several types of oral bacteria by preventing their growth. Polyphenols also reduce those nasty sulfur compounds.

Recent studies show that eating 6 ounces of unsweetened yogurt every day can reduce the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in your mouth. The reason is that active cultures in yogurt, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, compete with the bacteria in your mouth that contribute to bad breath. Accumulation of plaque and development of periodontal disease were also reduced in the study's yogurt eaters. Eat a cup of plain yogurt with active cultures and make sure to avoid varieties with added sugars. (Sugars allow for bacterial growth in the body and especially the mouth.)

Wet your whistle-often. Most odor-causing bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in a dry mouth. Therefore, drinking water helps flush out food particles and bacteria stuck in your mouth. Drinking water also promotes the production of saliva, which acts as a cleansing agent.

Parsley and Basil 
Nothing says stinky breath like garlic and onions. That's because there are roughly 33 different smelly sulfur compounds that naturally occur in garlic and onions; they linger in your mouth and are absorbed in the bloodstream and expelled when you exhale. Parsley and basil help kick garlic breath. The polyphenols (compounds that act like antioxidants) in these herbs break down the sulfur compounds in garlic. For the biggest benefit, combine garlic and either basil or parsley in the same dish (think pesto!), though it may be possible to get the garlic-breath-fighting benefits of polyphenols by eating the herbs in dishes separate from the garlic, as long as they are consumed during the same meal.

Apples and Spinach 
While we can't guarantee that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, research has shown that eating apples with garlic can mitigate garlic breath. (Think pork chops with apples and garlic-smashed potatoes. Or if the thought of garlic and apples together doesn't sound appealing, follow a garlic-heavy dish with an apple.) The polyphenols found in apples break down the smelly sulfur compounds. Spinach is another polyphenol-rich food that is good at breaking down stinky sulfur compounds.
According to Sheryl Barringer, Ph.D., professor of food science and technology at Ohio State, the polyphenols in foods like spinach and apples should be mixed with garlic to break down the sulfur compounds. Luckily, spinach and garlic are delicious together.

Cherries and Lettuce
According to nutritionist David Grotto, author of The Best Things You Can Eat, cherries and lettuce can also beat bad breath. Studies have shown that these two foods help remove the smell of methyl mercaptan, another odorous gas released by mouth bacteria as they digest bits of food.

Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants such as betel not only can kill bacteria in the mouth, but also refreshing mouth. Medicinal plants shaped green leaves contain chlorophyll to help freshen breath without adding another flavor overload. Besides betel, try mint leaves, parsley, and fennel seeds.

Recommendation from a dental professor at New York, high fruit content of vitamin C can destroy unwanted bacteria in the mouth. Fruits rich in vitamin C also helps fight diseases like gingivitis exacerbate bad breath.

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