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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lose 3kg in 7 days with Diet Tea

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Tea has many benefits. Which is to diet and lose weight. Details diet teas we offer you in this article, which reduces the weight at a rate of 3 kilos in a week, and he does not repeat, but after two months, and the program is as follows:

Breakfast cup milk + cup of tea +3 plum + teaspoon honey.
Apple snacks + tray plain yogurt.
Food cup orange juice + a cup of tea.
Dinner dish lettuce salad + cup of tea.
 Honey diet to lose 3 kilos per week

Breakfast coffee cup milk + whole piece of bread + a cup of tea + Endo type bur.
Snack cup milk + cup of tea + orange.
150 grams of food grilled chicken + apple.
Dinner Endo type bur + cup of tea.
 Discard one month of 3 kg of excess weight

Breakfast apple + banana + cup milk + a cup of tea.
Snack cup of tea.
250 grams of food fish +250 grams Broccoli +2 cup of tea + apple.
Dinner lettuce salad + grilled potato.
 How Tngosain weight in record time and healthy !!

Breakfast 1 peach + cup milk + a cup of tea.
Snack cup fruit juice + a cup of tea + yogurt tray.
Food 150 grams pork roast ++ orange juice + a cup of tea +100 grams grilled potatoes.
Dinner 5 tablespoons rice + cup of tea + orange juice.
 15 advice to lose weight in a jiffy

Friday, repeats on Monday.
Saturday, repeats on Tuesday
Sunday, repeats on Wednesday

Hope you are successful to slim with a cup tea...

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