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Monday, 12 November 2012

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Health

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These little seeds are incredibly nutritious, with significant concentrations of protein, fiber and several essential minerals. Let’s take a moment to look at the health benefits of chia seeds. Chia seeds are a nutritionally dense food.

Chia Seeds in general benefit for health
They have high amounts of:-

Omega 3 fatty acids.

Protein, and this protein is complete, containing all essential amino acids.


Vitamin Bs


Yet they are low in calories and gluten free

Chia seeds are easy to digest. People who regularly eat chia seeds as part of their diet have reported the following health benefits

Increased energy

Improved mood

More sustained energy levels

Improved concentration and clearer thinking

A decrease in aches and pains

A decrease in food cravings and less need to eat between meals

A feeling of well being

Better regularity

Supple, smoother skin

Glossy hair and stronger nails

Research has shown chia seeds may be of benefit in improving cardiovascular health. This includes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Research has also shown chia seeds can benefit brain and neurological functions, and arthritic conditions.

Chia seeds digest slowly. This tends to stabilize blood sugar – which can be of help to people with type 2 diabetes.

Chia seeds contain high levels of calcium, together with boron, which is of great benefit to bone health. For example, one tablespoon of chia seeds contain as much calcium as two glasses of milk.

Chia seeds can also prolong hydration and help retain electrolytes which makes them a great help to athletes, especially runners.

The high fiber of chia seeds, both soluble and insoluble, is a gentle way to maintain bowel health and promote regularity.

As you can see, chia seeds health benefits are wide ranging, and they are a great addition to a healthy diet. The fact that they can assist in weight loss and weight management is an added bonus.

let us see more clearly what benefit of chia seed

Benefit 1 – Chia seeds are high in protein

Chia seeds are loaded with protein – at roughly four grams per one ounce serving of seeds, they’re packed with twice the amount of protein as any other seed or grain.  Best of all, the type of protein found in chia seeds is a “complete” protein, which means that it includes all nine of the amino acids that are required for basic biological functions without needing to be supplemented with another food.

Benefit 2 – Chia seeds contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids
Omega-3 oil is usually thought of as "that healthy stuff in fish". We’re all told to eat more fish and take fish oil supplements in order to boost our consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids (the molecules that play a vital role in brain function and human development) – but who really wants to sit down to a big plate of salmon each night?!

In fact, a two tablespoon serving of chia seeds contains over five grams of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is more than five times what you’ll find in a standard fish oil supplement serving and eight times more than that plate of salmon mentioned above.  Incorporating this small portion of seeds into your diet is easy to do, and can help reduce inflammation throughout your body, as well as reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Chia is the richest plant-source of this healthy oil. By weight, chia contains more omega 3 than salmon, and it still tastes like whatever you want! Omega 3 oil is important in heart and cholesterol health. It's also recently been targeted as a weight-loss helper. USA Weekend magazine also reports on a study where overweight dieters who included omega 3s in their eating plan lost 2 more pounds monthly than the control group, who did not.

Benefit 3- Chia seeds help prevent diverticulitis / diverticulosis
With the abundance of over-processed foods and white flour on the market today, rich sources of fiber are harder to come by. These foods of convenience have contributed to the rise of diverticulitis. Irregularity is a big factor in this risky condition. To help ensure regularity, you need plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. If you don't want to eat celery, and whole-grain everything...or piles of bran flakes, the Chia Seed is here to help. Each seed is coated with soluble fibers which aid its gelling action. The exterior of the seed is protected by insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber is unable to be digested (it does not contribute any calories, or break down) so instead, it helps keep food moving smoothly through the digestive process. Soluble fiber, and the gel coating of the seed keeps the colon hydrated and ensures the easy movement of food.

Benefit 4 – Chia seeds help to balance blood sugar

The body’s regulation of insulin and blood sugar levels is a finely tuned process – one that’s often thrown out of whack by high stress levels, low amounts of exercise and a modern diet that’s high in refined sugars and processed foods.  Serious fluctuations in these hormone levels can lead to diabetes, a condition in which the body’s insulin production mechanism no longer functions properly to filter glucose from the bloodstream.

Given that diabetes can lead to serious complications over time, managing blood sugar levels is crucial whether or not you’ve developed this condition.  Fortunately, the combination of soluble and insoluble fiber in chia seeds helps to slow the conversion of ingested starches to sugars, resulting in steadier, healthier levels of blood sugar over time.

Benefit 5 – Chia seeds contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants
It doesn’t get more “super food” than this.  Nutritional research has found that chia seeds contain important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants found in much higher percentages than other seeds, nuts, grains and other foods commonly used today.  For example, at 205 milligrams, two tablespoons of chia seeds contains roughly five times the amount of calcium found in milk!

In addition, chia seeds are good sources of boron (a mineral that’s essential for transferring calcium to your bones), phosphorus, manganese, potassium and sodium.  All of these compounds play a vital role in ensuring your health and well-being, making chia seeds a quick and effective way to get the nutrition you need to live better!

Benefit 6- Chia seeds give you feel more energized all day long
Don't want to feel like taking an afternoon nap? Your energy levels have a lot to do with what you eat. Chia is one of nature's highest plant-based sources of complete protein. Usually protein from items like peanut butter and some beans are incomplete, meaning you have to combine them with other foods to get the full benefit. Not Chia though, it's protein is complete to raise your energy levels. The combination of complete protein, vitamins, minerals and blood-sugar balancing gel all work together to make sure you have steady, never jittery energy.

Benefit 7 – Chia seeds can help you lose weight without starving
Too many people today struggle with obesity – a condition that’s not only unpleasant to deal with, but also potentially deadly if the case is severe enough to result in complications.  People with a higher percentage of body fat are at a higher risk for many serious conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Unfortunately, though the research is conclusive that obesity leads to diminished life expectancy and quality of life, losing this excess weight is easier said than done.  However, chronic dieters now have another tool in their weight loss arsenal – chia seeds!

As you might expect, a substance that’s high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals makes an excellent weight loss aid.  Because chia seeds contain a substantial amount of fiber, you’ll feel fuller for longer after eating them, and because they can help to level out blood sugar, you’ll experience fewer of the “crashes” that lead you to seek out sweets and other unhealthy foods and beverages.  Heck, even the extra boost of energy chia seeds provide can help you to lose weight, as you’ll finally have the energy to get your daily exercise in when you add this potent snack to your diet.

Obviously, chia seeds on their own won’t automatically cause you to lose weight – especially if you “chase” them with excess carbs, sweets and other unhealthy foods.  However, when used sensibly, chia seeds can support your weight loss efforts by helping you to feel more satisfied and less prone to indulging dietary cravings in the long run.

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