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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Firefox with Bing search

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Microsoft announced that it has teamed up with the Mozilla team to release a new version of Firefox with Bing.

When Firefox 4 was released last year, it added Bing as one of the available options in the browser's built-in search box. Google remained the default, but Bing became easily accessible to users who prefer Microsoft's search engine. Microsoft and Mozilla also took the opportunity to establish a revenue-sharing agreement around the search integration.

"Mozilla and Bing are pleased to make available Download Firefox With Bing, a customized version of Firefox that sets Bing as the default search engine in the search box and AwesomeBar and makes the default home page," Mozilla said in a statement on Wednesday. "Existing Firefox users can also make these changes by installing the Bing Search for Firefox Add-on," it added.

Mozilla also releases customized versions of its Firefox Browser for different partners and geographies. There are nearly 20 customized versions of Firefox distributed globally by partners including Bing, United Internet, Twitter, Yahoo and Yandex, Mozilla said.

Much of the recent news surrounding the browser has been tied to mobile, however. Mozilla recently showed off Firefox for tablets, in which the "Awesomebar" (above) retains its tabbed menu, but on the left-hand side.

The next iteration of Mozilla's Firefox for Android will also include a native UI rather than the company's XUL implementation, Mozilla recently said, a change that is intended to produce much faster startup times.

For Mozilla, the partnership with Microsoft is certainly a good deal. Firefox is still the most popular browser.

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