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Friday, 16 November 2012

Symptoms of Swine flu

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Symptoms of Swine flu or H1N1

Swine influenza or swine flu is a respiratory disease found in pigs and is caused by the type A influenza virus.

It is rare for swine flu to spread to humans and usually requires direct contact between a human and an infected pig and is then spread from human to human.

There is a reduction in the cases of swine flu. Many a time's swine flu is confused with other ailments. However, it is very important that one should recognize the symptoms of swine flu at the earliest. This will surely help in reducing the effect of swine flu on a person and his family. Given below is the list of symptoms


According to National Health Survey, there is a consistent and a sudden rise in the body temperature. This is the most typical and common symptoms of this type of flu. A medical thermometer should be used, if one feels feverish. The temperature must be checked regularly. Therefore, one must have a good thermometer at home.

Sudden cough

A sudden and a bad cough appears without any reason. This is also a common symptom of that flu. One should always cough into a napkin and then dispose it off.


One experiences a bad headache, which is similar to the headache during flu or cold. Thus it makes people stay in bed.


A person with this flu becomes unusually fatigued or tired. When this symptom is combined with other key symptoms, it indicates that one has swine flu.

Chills and fever

Many a times, it happens that a person shivers for a minute and is roasting hot the next minute. This is another symptom of this type of flu that accompanies. Thus one should call the doctor and get it diagnosed.

Joint and limb pains

One experiences pain in the joints and limbs and that is similar to the pain, that one experiences during a regular flu. All the joints, arms and legs ache and become very heavy. If these things are experienced by a person, he should immediately consult a doctor for checking that flu.

Upset stomach

Diarrhea wit h a tender stomach is another common symptom of flu that one may experience. If this symptom is persistent, one must call the flu hotline.

Runny nose and a sore throat

Many a times common cold and allergic rhinitis causes a runny nose. But when sore throat accompanies a runny nose, it is time that a person should get his temperature checked. There are high chances of swine flu.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite can be noticed in a person with swine flu.

Thus if these symptoms of flu are being noticed by a person, he should immediately consult a doctor. Most commonly swine flu is due to H1N1 influenza subtype but sometimes it may be a result of other subtypes, such as H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2.

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