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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Omega-3 rich in vitamins, diabetes patients showed that protects your eyes

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Performed on ratsOmega-3-rich vitamins A study of diabetes patients in protecting the eyes of Omega-3 rich in vitamins, Diabetes Patients Showed that protects your eyes.

West, one of the biggest Causes of visual impairment in adults with diabetes disease. Perception management "is a group of Scientists from the University of Melbourne in Australia Vingrys'inOmega-3-rich vitamins that protects diabetes patients' eyes, a benefit of omega-3's on this issue to understand whether rats are rich in omega-3 fish oil or omega -3 containing a small amount of safflower oil fed plants. Insulin-dependent diabetes, insulin-producing cells were destroyed half of the animals to create disease.

After 24 weeks, diabetic rats fed with safflower oil retinalar─▒ndaki photoreceptor cells against light response decreased by one third. This scientistOmega-3-rich vitamins that protects diabetes patients' eyes Neural Science Association annual meeting in Australia to light responses in the diabetic animals fed with fish oil rich in vitamins ofOmega-3 protects the eyes of diabetes patients with diabetes is different from the non-Explained shout.

Other Damage Caused by diabetes, such asOmega-3-rich in vitamins, mainly Responsible for protecting the eyes of diabetes patients in a high amount of glucose in the blindness blood vessels is thought to be distorting. According to this study, / an, to direct light-sensitive cells in diabetes is disturbing. 

Vingrys loss of blood vessels in the region says he is not in question.

These Findings are the benefits of omega-3 added one more. Research on this subject the people of the omega-3 protects against heart disease, people emerged. / An, Harmful when it is taken in excess of omega-3 is also available on the allegations.

The reason is that produces the omega-3 free radical is a very powerful oxidant. Some Scientists, but received a very large amount of omega-3 may damagesays that.

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