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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

7 Secret Beauty Taylor Swift

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Secret Beauty Taylor Swift

Pretty Taylor Swift. With her retro look and decidedly un-TMZ lifestyle, and she manages to look crazy-cute--here's how. What is your favorite look of Taylor Swift ?

The best beauty tips from Taylor Swift for you.

Make up

1. Red lips. Definitely a favorite of Taylor . Why is it so good? For his fair complexion.

Red Lips Taylor Swift

Tip : If you're more brown , you also get red wine shades, coral and orange to contrast with your skin.

2. Perfect skin. certainly use a very good foundation that helps hide any imperfections.

Tip : Invest in a good foundation makeup to achieve the same effect on your skin . Just make sure it's the exact shade of your skin so it does not look like a turd. If you've never used base, or do not need it, you can opt for a cc cream , they are lighter and achieve the same effect.

3. Eyes. Another strength in your look . The outlined is intense in the upper eyelid, thin and discreet under the eye. That in order to create the effect of a larger eye and an intense look.

Tip : Do not forget the eyelashes . Try using a enchinador and, if necessary, two layers of mascara. Read here 10 rules of a smokey eyes perfect.


4. Bunches of horse. loves you and you look great! What is the trick beauty of Taylor Swift for excellent fit you? Vary the style. Sometimes they are in the lower part of the head, as in the photo, and other, very high and flirty.

Tip : not all pony tails are equal. Play with the fringe, the height at which the put, bows, ribbons and more to not go unnoticed.

5. Volume and curves . The two requirements that never left their looks with her ​​hair down. His hair looks like any woman would like to have, but certainly it constantly hydrated, what stands out once every two months and use a good styling cream to give volume.

Tip : we leave this note with excellent tips: What's hot for hair?

Style and Accessories

6. Rectangular bags. seems that are your favorites. Yes, the colors never repeat and create a contrast with his look

Tip : goodbye to the rules of using the bag color shoes. Try combining contrasting colors together and different shapes and sizes.

7. Dresses and shorts. Taylor knows that one of its main attractions are the long legs, because I always assumed dresses and shorts.

Tip : never forget the heels will make your legs look more slender, toned, and promote you to stand straighter top model as a whole.

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

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