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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Siesta Is Beneficial For Our Spirit

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The biological need for an afternoon nap improves both our physical and our spiritual health say new studies.

US researchers looked at 32 people aged 55-85 years to determine the effects of nap in their intellectual abilities.

The participants slept for 80 minutes at lunchtime and after their experts examined specific test to see their mental skills.

So they noticed that their mental performance was much better when they sleep at noon. While, as mentioned the fact that they slept at noon not disrupt their bedtime, only takes about 6 minutes more than before to fall asleep at night.

As noted by experts, the biological need of the people for a sleep during the day is not random as the human brain and the whole body work better when refreshed.

Scientists recommend the siesta between 2pm and 4pm, but not after 5pm.
Some even note that the sleep duration should be up to 60 minutes but there is a reply proposed by 30-120 minutes nap.

However, as they say, even half bedtime noon offers the human body seriously benefits.

They note that a siesta in old age is recommended to fill the lack of night sleep as well as we all know, in old age happens routinely sleep a person for fewer hours per night than sleeping at younger ages.

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