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Monday, 21 September 2015

How bad is Coca-Cola for your health

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The famous soft drink Coca-Cola. It is harmful for the body to understand how much money the reaction with Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola's reaction when it is hot, so many of the videos we saw just about everyone. But what we have instead of coke a day for eating?

This really is a sweet drink for a long time to find out what works inside the body of research and it is very worrying.

According to the Daily Star in the UK media, coke consumption in the hours after the body through a graph of what kind of reaction have tried to show has been, after 60 minutes after the first sip to the seven-step reaction in the body that the soft drink.

Mililitare 330 cans of coke consumption of a teaspoon of sugar over the 10 directly into your body. Every day, about two and a half times the acceptable amount of sugar levels.

Dose of sugar is so high that it would take you directly to that person may be getting sick. But the citric acid in Coca-Cola to light as a result of this extra sweet sbadake the aramase galadhahkarana to drink.

Ila nutritionist elarda analainake Metro Daily Star said, "This is terrific information about Coke will surprise you. However, the benefit of knowing what has happened to think about it before they would refrain from drinking Coca-Cola. "

Here are the mechanisms that happen to the body after drinking a can of coke:

After the first 10 minutes: 10 teaspoon of sugar hit your body's inner system. This disease can be due to excessive sweetness. But the recipes of the phosphoric acid. This reduces the extra sweetness, so you can drink it.
0 minutes: Your blood sugar levels and insulin explosion. The amount of fat in the liver produces sugar.

After the first 20 minutes: Sugar levels inside the body shoot up, causing a hormone called insulin to fire up. The liver reacts to this increase by turning excess sugar, which is quite abundant at this time, to fats.

40 minutes later: Caffeine is absorbed into the body at this time. The body responds to this through pupil dilation and blood pressure elevation, which prompts the liver to release more sugar into the blood. The brain also becomes affected since the gates or receptors that receive adenosine, a central nervous system depressant, gets blocked. The said blockage causes individuals to stay "high."

45 minutes later: This time, the dopamine levels inside the body increase, activating areas of the brain responsible for feelings of "pleasure." The effect is said to be similar to that of heroin.

After 60 minutes: Multiple reactions happen within the body after an hour of consumption.  Bipakake which suddenly increased. The metabolism of the body shoots up as phosphoric acid attaches to calcium, magnesium and zinc found in the large intestine. Calcium levels within the body are then decreased as the elevated amounts of sugar boost its excretion via the urine.

Further diuresis will also take place, making people urinate more. The frequent urination or excessive amount of urine mean that water and electrolytes, which should head to the different parts of the body for nutrition, get dumped out of the body.

After this period, the diuretic properties of caffeine started to work. This means that the velocity of your urination. That's your body through urination and calcium from the bones, magnesium, zinc, sodium, electrolyte and water will come out.

At that time, you may be irritable. Coke whatever reason you had to take what little water is left in your body.

The Daily Star in the Coca-Cola spokesman said they had contact with the authorities, "Over 129 people have been happily drinking Coke. Like all other soft drinks are safe to drink and balanced diet is also perfectly suited for the taking. "

Based on estimates, 1.6 billion servings of Coke are consumed all around the world daily. It is time to think about how much Coke has affected health worldwid.

Cool science experiments you must watch!

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