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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Disease diagnosis by your fingernails

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Disease diagnosis by your fingernails

Unadorned nails come in a variety of shapes, textures, and color. These imperfections and variances can be hereditary in nature but they can also be a window into your body's state of health. Below are some nail appearances and the medical conditions that could be associated with it.

1. Brittle nails that have distinct ridges and are concave in appearance can be an indicator of iron deficiency.

2. Nail beds that are red could be an indicator of heart disease.

3. Half and half coloring, half pink and half white can be caused by kidney disease.

4. Melanoma can make dark lines appear beneath the nail.

5. Are the nail beds white or pale? This could be a sign of anemia.

6. Thick, yellowish nails that are slow growing, or a painless increase of tissue around the fingers ends, or nail inversion could be an indicator of lung disease.

7. Psoriasis can cause a rippling or pitting of the nail surface.

8. If your nails have a slight blush at the base and are yellowish, this could be an indicator of diabetes.

Tip: Your cuticles are what seals out external organisms from entering your body at the nails. Frequent manicures that push back and cut away this seal invite infection.

The appearance indicators cited are in no way intended to diagnose any given health condition. If you have questions or concerns regarding the appearance of your nails, or you suspect you may have a disease associated with said appearance, see your doctor.

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