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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Leaving The European Union But Not Leaving Europe

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“We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe” - PM Theresa May

UK’s PM Theresa May is expected to make a statement to MPs later at 1130GMT and finally trigger Brexit Article 50. According to previous consensus, the statement should lean to the conciliatory tone, calling all Britons to unite ahead of this historical moment.

“We will negotiate as one United Kingdom”

“We will control immigration so it serves the best our interests”

“We will seek a bold and constructive free-trade agreement with the EU, a deal that gives both British and European business the best conditions to operate in both territories”

“We will make sure that we build free-trade agreements with other countries besides the EU”

“It is our right to deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit”

“We understand that there will be consequences for the UK leaving the EU” “It is in the interests of both the UK and the EU that there is as little disruption as possible”

“Leaving the EU doesn’t mean we don’t share the European values”

“We will continue to be reliable partners with the EU”

Theresa May will call on the British people to unite as she triggers article 50, beginning a two-year process that will see the UK leave the European Union and sever a political relationship that has lasted 44 years.

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