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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bacon and sausages increase the chances of cancer

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Up to 18% may increase the risk of cancer, the daily consumption even 50g. processed meats - such as bacon, sausage and ham - warns the World Health Organization (WHO).

Red meat may be responsible for carcinogenesis but at present there is limited evidence. Alongside certainly recognizes that there are significant benefits in the overall consumption of meat.

Processed meat is treated in order to increase the lifetime consumption or changing the taste of various methods. These methods mainly additives are those that increase the risk of cancer.

"Although the risk of developing colorectal cancer from eating processed meat remains small, the degree of risk is amplified depending on the amount consumed," explains Dr. Kurt Streiff WHO.

The coffee reduces the risk of oral cancer

But while the treated meat increases the chances coffee bowel cancer reduces the chances of oral cancer. This supports at least Chinese epidemiological study on Europe.

The researchers, led by Ying Zhang School of Stomatology of the Medical University of China, made after publication in the international journal of clinical and experimental medicine «International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine», analyzed data from 12 previous epidemiological studies.

The study concludes that the high consumption of coffee reduces their oral cancer risk as those who consume high amounts of coffee are on average 30% lower risk of developing oral cancer than those who make less coffee consumption.

Investigators argue that coffee contains a variety of biologically active components, which can protect against the development or progression of cancer because they help protect against oxidative damage of DNA, accelerating the apoptosis of cells or the intense proliferation of tumor cells .

Regarding consumption, the researchers define as a high amount of three cups a day and as low in a cup.

Oral cancer is the eighth most common cancer worldwide and has a low survival rate. Studies have shown that due to both genetic factors and environmental, such as alcohol and smoking.

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