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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Do's and Don'ts when buying Travel Insurance

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Holiday season has arrived. If you plan to travel, do not forget one vital part - insurance. Here's my guide to finding the best deal.

When buying travel insurance, some do and not to do things here have been able to do

  • Your travel insurance plan, build in time, the way you make plans for your visa and other things
  • Undergo compulsory medical check and obtain the required medical reports to fully and truthfully fill out the proposal form
  • Visit term plan, build in time and make sure your insurance covers the whole period
  • If you increase the period of cover, the cover and the insurer before ending its plan to submit the required documents
  • Make sure you fully read the policy document, and claims servicing agency and keep note of the contact details.
  • If you are cutting short your travel period, check your policy to see if you are entitled for a refund.

Do not do

  • Avoid the last minute not to my travel insurance.
  • Don’t get pushed into taking a cover only as recommended by your travel agent. Get as much information as possible and select your own choice as possible.
  • Don’t get tempted to opt for the cheapest cover as it might not meet your needs.

Happy Traveling...

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  1. They provided me a phone number to register at- but it's a bit hectic. Its easier to just find a computer and register that online. It saves you 20 minutes.
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