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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Smartphone: Application security for women

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the security applications

WOMEN are constantly exposed to various security risks involved . So they must be sensitive to the environment in order not to be victimized.

As consumers , women need to be active in the harness and find applications that fit their needs .

Now almost everyone has a smart phone with Android or iOS platform is not only used to get in touch but can also serve as security applications .

There are many applications that are built with a variety of categories and options to suit the needs of women.

Among the security applications that can reduce the risk of crime against women .

Let us look at some of the applications that can be used for the safety of women .

Women Safety Smartphone Applications

There are number of apps that are available in free and paid versions to help you in emergency situations. Some of these are:

1. bSafe: (Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry)
2. Circle of 6: (Available for Android and iOS)
3. Life360 family Locator: (Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry)
4. Fightback: (India-specific App)
5. SOS Whistle: (Available for Android)
6. OnWatch : (Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry)
7. StreetSafe : (Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry)
8. Redpanicbutton : (Available for Android, iOS and Blackberry)

Are you interested to download one of the security applications on your smartphone . You can try it out first before finding the most suitable applications and user-friendly .

In addition to security applications for women there are a variety of other useful applications to users regardless of gender .

These apps are just to provide you with backup security which may or may not reach you immediately. We believe you are always not lucky enough to survive the incidents, what if your phone battery is dead, what will you do ? This is just one part of your social and physical security. Technology cannot assist you everywhere.


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