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Friday, 20 September 2013

Mistake exercise at the gym

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People make resolutions. Summer is over, and it's easy to get motivated to get into a routine and take your fitness to the next level. You work hard to exercise and eat healthy, but still scale weight does not budge. What is the reason? This may be due to your routine that actually wrong. The following are common mistakes that prevent you from achieving your goals. Here's a list of the mistake exercise at the gym.

Workout Mistakes – External 

1. Mistake: Talking while working out.
If you’re having a conversation with another person, then chances are you’re not working to your maximum potential. Also, you may become distracted, affecting your form. If you’re socializing between sets, then you’re probably resting too long in between.

Solution: Don’t be a social butterfly at the gym. 

2. Mistake: Working the same muscle groups over and over again.
Variety is the spice of life – and it’s an essential ingredient in any successful workout plan. Many people do the same thing each time they work out, whether they workout 5x week or once a week.

Solution: Muscles need time to recover – so if you go to the gym often, you  should rotate between different muscle groups (i.e. legs one day, arms one day, chest and back one day). If you don’t work out frequently, muscle recovery won’t be an issue; however, you still want to focus in on a different muscle group each 
time to make sure you’re working your entire body.

3. Mistake: Starving yourself.
A calorie deficit is the only way to drop weight – but if you cut too many calories, your body won’t have the fuel it needs to keep you healthy and strong.

Solution: Any calorie deficit should be small, and weight should be lost in small amounts over time. 

4. Mistake: Skipping the post-workout protein.
After you exercise, your muscles have broken down and are in need of repair. Numerous studies have concluded that skipping a high-protein snack or meal after your workout is highly detrimental. It robs your muscles of the building blocks they desperately need.

Solution: Buy protein bars or protein powdered mixes and make your postworkout snack part of your routine.

Workout Mistakes – Internal 

1. Mistake: Winging it.
It’s a huge mistake to go to the gym without a fitness plan. Many people go to the gym and just use the equipment that is available.

Solution: It’s important to have a goal. From your fitness goal or goals, you can create a fitness plan. You should go to the gym knowing exactly which muscle groups you’ll be working and which machines you’ll be using. 

2. Mistake: Making excuses.
We can all think of excuses to skip a workout. But when you start skipping workouts, you derail your fitness plan and cheat your personal health. In order to get results, you must be consistent with your exercise schedule.

Solution: Motivate yourself. If you don’t have enough motivation to workout regularly, educate yourself on the benefits of working out. Educate yourself on the harm caused by a sedentary lifestyle. That should get you off your butt! 

3. Mistake: Comparing yourself to others.
Many people get discouraged when they see other people lifting more weight, running faster or performing at a higher level.

Solution: Measure yourself against no one but you! Some people have been exercising regularly for decades. Don’t let their abilities diminish the strides that you are making by becoming more active, fit and healthier.

4. Mistake: Favoring your favorite exercises.
For most of us, our favorite exercises are the ones that we’re good at. If you don’t like an exercise, it’s probably because it’s hard for you. And if an exercise if hard, that probably means you need to be doing more of it!

Solution: Spend more time doing the harder exercises and less time doing the easier ones. Don’t play favorites at the gym!

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