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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sleep Naked to Lose Weight

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Sleep The Hormone Diet

How do you achieve weight loss without diet and exercise? But you just need to Sleep naked!
Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet, says you can reset your fat loss hormones by sleeping naked.

According to Dr. Turner, sleeping naked allows hormones to be released that will rebuild cells in your bones, skin and muscles as you sleep, promoting weight loss along with pleasant dreams. Without the constriction of clothing or heavy blankets, your body cools down as you sleep, releasing fat burning hormones.  Pajamas or heavy weighted blankets can keep you from cooling down, meaning those hormones will not be released and you won’t reap the benefits.

The Hormone Diet

The Hormone Diet is the first diet book to:
Describe the importance of healthy hormonal balance for men and women of all ages and stages of life;
Balance all of the hormones that influence weight – including insulin and our sex, stress and mood hormones. Did you know there are over 16 different hormones that affect our ability to lose weight? Just one hormonal imbalance will sabotage our efforts!

Clearly explain all of the lifestyle habits required to restore complete hormonal balance. We all know we need to sleep, to eat, to exercise and to manage stress but did you know there are very specific ways we need to do these tasks to boost the hormones that burn fat?

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