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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Female Ejaculation

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Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid by human females from the paraurethral ducts through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm. It is also known colloquially as gushing or squirting, although these are considered to be different phenomena in some research publications.

As I discussed earlier, there are many similarities between male and female sexual anatomy. Some of which make no contribution to procreation. One example is that men have nipples. Another is that women ejaculate.

Just as the male has a prostate gland, the female has paraurethral Skene glands.

Embryologically, the urethral glands of the female are homologous to the male prostatic glands (just like the ovaries and the testes are from the same embryonic tissue.) These paraurethral glands (on
either side of the urethra) are known as the Skene glands (Alexander Skene, MD, 1880.) The Skene glands make up the G spot on the front of the vagina.

Diagram of female bladder and Skene glands

Diagram of female bladder and Skene glands

During sexual arousal, the Skene glands secrete a clear fluid, much like water, having a chemical makeup similar to the transport medium in male ejaculate. There is no urine in female ejaculate.

During sexual arousal, a sphincter muscle where the bladder attaches to the urethra tightens up so that no urine can leave the bladder.

At the time of orgasm, the Skene glands expel the ejaculate down the urethra and out of the body, and thus female ejaculation, simply a leftover from the similarities between men and women.

But for most women, just before an orgasm, the woman feels the urge to urinate. This is actually the female ejaculate building up in the Skene glands. But most women think they are going to pee. Thus,
they tighten up their PC muscle, just as they would to stop a stream of urine. And then when they have their orgasm, the PC muscle is so tightened up, that the ejaculate cannot be expelled down the urethra,
so it is forced up the urethra into the bladder. This is why many women feel that they have to pee after having sex. It is because the ejaculate has been forced into the bladder.

For a woman to ejaculate, the woman pushes at the time of orgasm, as if to defecate, and a clear fluid is expelled out the urethra. This fluid has been described as colorless, clear, or milky. It has never
been described as yellow. The taste varies from tangy, sour, tart, to very sweet. Some women always ejaculate, others sometimes. The majority of women who regularly ejaculate do so in response to G
spot manipulation. Some can in intercourse, and some can with only clitoral stimulation.

But most women do not ejaculate because they have trained their body not to “pee” at the time of orgasm.

If your woman tells you that after every time you two make love, she has to go pee, then say to her: “Well Baby, that is because you have been withholding your ejaculate.” She will probably laugh and
refuse to believe it.

Explain to your woman that female ejaculation is normal and natural. Read to her the book called “The G Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality” by Ladas, Whipple, and Perry.

Copyright 1982. ISBN 0-440-13040-9. The book is a highly respected explanation of female ejaculation.

You can also show her the video called “Squirters 2.” It is by a pornographer named Seymore Butts. Sure, it is a porn video, but it will show you what is possible, and how far some women can squirt.

The biggest obstacle to get over is her self consciousness that she will urinate. It is very important that you have her understand that it is not urine, but that it is female ejaculate, and that female ejaculation is completely normal and natural.

The motivation you give her is that it would be very exciting for you if she were to soak your bed! She will be concerned about getting the bed all wet, but you must reassure her that it would be very
exciting for you. This is not about you accomplishing some feat, but about her expressing her sexuality in a completely natural way.

In order that you cause her to ejaculate, you must command respect with her. You will be giving her commands to do something that for her seems very strange. Thus, her respect for what you say must
override her own self consciousness and self limiting beliefs.

Ask your woman: “When you get close, do you feel the urge to urinate?" If she says: “Yes, so I hold it in.” Then say to her: “You are holding in your ejaculate. Next time go with the feeling and push it
out.” If she says: “But I don't want to pee on you!” Then you say: “It only feels like you are going to pee. But you won't pee, you will ejaculate.”

As always, assure her that everything is natural and normal, and nothing is embarrassing.

Now for the first step in getting her to squirt.


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