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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What Benefits Can The Samsung Galaxy Note Bring To Business Users?

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As one of the most powerful mobile devices currently available, the Samsung Galaxy Note has a lot to offer to many demographics of smartphone users. Its key features include a large, high resolution touchscreen as well as a powerful processor and versatile Android operating system. In this article I will focus on the benefits that this device may bring to business users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note somewhat bridges the gap between a smartphone and a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad. This is thanks to its large 5.3 inch S-AMOLED screen which boasts one of the highest pixel resolutions out there. The screen is large for a smartphone but quite small for a tablet, so it remains easily transportable, still fitting into most pockets. As a business user, you may be wondering how the screen may be of benefit. One feature which stands out is its stylus pen functionality. The device comes with a stylus pen which can be stored inside the device by inserting it into a hole in the top of the device when not being used. Coupled with the large dimensions of the screen, creating and editing spreadsheets can easily be carried out, as you will have a good overview of the cells in the document, and the stylus pen ensures that any data you enter from the on screen Qwerty keyboard will be accurate and precise. The stylus pen can also be used to sign digital documents like PDF or Word files which require a signature, as the Galaxy Note comes with handwriting recognition. This means you can store such important files all in one place instead of carrying a pile of paperwork around with you. These will be stored on the microSD card, so you can easily transfer them to other devices and computers where they can be emailed or printed. Of course, you can also read, write, attach files to, and send emails using the device.

Because the Samsung Galaxy Note runs the Android Gingerbread operating system, you can download apps from the Business category, increasing the functionality of the device massively, and really optimise it for workplace productivity. Apps can be downloaded which allow you to wirelessly print documents, create invoices from templates and even scan business cards using the built in 8 megapixel camera, and an image of the card will then permanently be saved, and it will even create new phone and email contacts based on the info on the card.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Note is capable of bringing many benefits to business users, thanks to the capable hardware running in conjunction with specifically designed apps. The added bonus is that the device is more transportable than many standard sized tablets, but maintains very high levels of functionality.

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